Week 1/ August 30                                                                                                      

Peter Coogan, “The Definition of the Superhero”

Jose Alaniz, “Unmasked at Last: Death, Disability, and the Superbody”

Jerry Siegel and Joel Shuster, “Dr. Mystic”

Will Eisner and Lou Fine, “The Flame”


Week 1/ September 6                                                                                                   

Jerry Siegel and Joel Shuster. The Superman Chronicles, Vol. 1

Umberto Eco, “The Myth of Superman”

Scott McCloud, “The Vocabulary of Comics” (File 1 and File 2)


Week 2/ September 13                                                                                                 

Marston, William Moulton. Wonder Woman: The Golden Age

Ben Saunders, “Wonder Woman: Bondage and Liberation”

Matt Yockey, “Wonder Woman for a Day: Affect, Agency, and Amazons”

Scott McCloud, “Blood in the Gutter” (File 1 and File 2)


Week 3/ September 20                                                                                                 

Claremont, Chris and Dave Cockrum. The Uncanny X-Men Masterworks, Vol 2.

Claremont, Chris Jo Duffy. The Uncanny X-Men: The Dark Phoenix Saga

Ramzi Fawaz, “Consumed by Hellfire: Demonic Possession and the Limits of the Superhuman in the 1980s”

Scott Bukatman, “X-Bodies: Torment of the Mutant Superhero”

Charles Hatfield, “The Art of Tensions” (32-41) (File 1 and File 2)



Week 4/ September 27                                                                                                 

O’Neil, Denny and Neal Adams. Green Lantern/ Green Arrow: Hard Travelin’ Heroes

Adilifu Nama, “Color Them Black”

Charles Hatfield, “The Art of Tensions” (41-48)



Week 5/ October 4                                                                                                       

Miller, Frank. Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

Geoff Klock, “The Revisionary Superhero Narrative”

Charles Hatfield, “The Art of Tensions”(48-58)


Week 6/ October 11                                                                                                     

Moore, Alan and Dave Gibbons. Watchmen

Andrew Hoberek, “Is It Literature?” from Considering Watchmen

Iain Thomson, “Deconstructing the Superhero in Comics and Philosophy”

Charles Hatfield, “The Art of Tensions” (58-67)


Week 7/ October 18                                                                                                     

Moore, Alan and Dave Gibbons. Watchmen

Andrew Hoberek, “Politics” from Considering Watchmen

Erin Keating, “The Female Link: Citation and Continuity in Watchmen



Week 8/ October 25                                                                                                     

Busiek, Kurt and Alex Ross. Marvels.

Sean Carney, “The Function of the Superhero at the Present Time”



Week 9/ November 1                                                                                                   

Morrison, Grant, and Frank Quitely. All-Star Superman.

Frank Bramlett, “Making and Breaking the Superhero Quotidian: How All-Star Superman Embodies and Revises the Everyday”


Week 10/ November 8                                                                                                 

Wilson, G. Willow and Adrian Alphona. Ms Marvel Volume 1: No Normal.

Rivera, Gabby and Joe Quinones. America: The Life and Times of America Chavez.

Miriam Kent, “Unveiling Marvels: Ms. Marvel and the Reception of the New Marvel Superhero”



Week 11/ November 15                                                                                                

Gene Luen Yang and Sonny Liew. The Shadow Hero.

Monica Chiu, “Who Needs a Chinese Superhero?”


Week 12/ November 22                                                                        

No Class: Thanksgiving


Week 13/ November 29                                                                                                

Jaime Hernandez, God and Science.

Osvaldo Oyola, “Succeeding in the Super-Biz: The Subaltern Superhero in Jaime Hernandez’s God and Science


Week 14/ December 6                                                                                                  

Final Presentations

FINAL PAPERS DUE December 13 by 9 pm



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